Experience is key to your success

I've been in the gym weight training since 1984. Over those 30+ years I've made lots of mistakes and wasted my time on movements and programs that had little or no effect. Over time, after quite a bit of trial and error, I developed proven programs that REALLY work. This is I use the years of background knowledge to create effective and efficient programs so you can see results. The advantage you have is you don't have to go through that process of trial and error... I already did.

Since every person is different, you will receive personal attention to your training. People vary in their age, build and previous experience and this requires their training to take these variances into account. There are other factors included when developing your program... things like injuries, or health issues such as diabetes. Although I use a general template when developing training programs, the training sessions will be different in one way or another for each person.

I have competed in powerlifting. In powerlifting form is extremely important. Having poor form results either in a failed lift or injury. When I work with clients I stress proper form to aid in progress and avoid injury.

I am certified by NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Assocation.